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Rebates and assistance

Check what Australian Government rebates are available to all Australians.

And then check what rebates are available in your state.


News South Wales

Home Power Savings Program

The Home Power Savings Program helps residents with an eligible concession card improve their household energy efficiency. The program includes a home energy assessment, a power savings product kit and a personal action plan.

For more details visit the Home Power website.

Energy and water efficient product information

The Smarter Choice Program gives you the opportunity to learn more about the running costs of different appliances and white goods so you can make informed choices when buying new appliances and products.

For more details visit the Smarter Choice Program site.

Save Power Kits - borrow from your local library

You can now borrow a Save Power Kit free of charge from selected local libraries in New South Wales. The Save Power Kits provide tools, information and a guidebook to help you make your home more energy efficient.

For find out where you can borrow the save power kit visit the Save Power Kits site.

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Fridge Buyback Program

Fridge Buyback program pays you to help save the environment and reduce your power bills by giving up your old second fridge.

To participate in the program, your fridge must be a working second fridge that has been in regular use, is 250 litres or more in size (8.83 cubic feet) and at least 10 years old.

Fridge Buyback provides residents with free collections by professional removalists and a $35 rebate.For more details visit the Fridge Buyback website.

Plant selector - Sydney Water

The Sydney Water Plant Selector makes it easier for residents to chose plants that are suited to their local soil and weather conditions. Selecting suitable plants can save water without restricting the choice of garden design.

To find the plant selector go to the Sydney water - plant selector site.

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Waterfix program

While not a rebate as such, the Waterfix program provides assistance for leak repairs and toilet replacements. Learn more here or call the WaterFix hotline on 1800 807 475.

For more information visit Sydney Water.